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Welcome To
Tayba Elementary School

Tayba Elementary School is a charitable not-for-profit, private full-time Islamic School, for grades JK-Grade 8, located in Waterloo, Ontario. TES is a subsidiary of Salaheddin Islamic Centre. It started its close collaboration with the top-rated Safa and Marwa Islamic School in Mississauga since TES was founded in July of 2019.

The name “Tayba”, was inspired by the name of the city where the Prophet PBUH raised his companions and taught them Iman, Quran, and the true morals of Islam. It was where the seed of Islam was planted and where it thrived to be the great religion we know it to be.

Why TES ?

Hifth Program +
Integrated Ontario Curriculum
Happy and relaxed environment
Inquiry based learning
Full Islamic
Studies Program

The word Tayba, reflects our mission statement, core values, and ultimate goal; which is to revive the teaching methods of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) so that we may educate our children the Holy Quran the way he educated his companions. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), taught Iman before Quran, through which the foundation of our teaching methodology is built.

Tayba Elementary School has developed an education philosophy that differentiates itself from other Islamic Schools. Our philosophy is based on:

  1. A Focused Academic Program: which includes lessons that develop critical thinking skills through inquiry based lessons.
  2. Islamic Integration: Connecting Islamic principles and secular knowledge into everyday learning, in meaningful and productive ways, with Quran at the center.
  3. 21st Century Skills: Lessons will include life and career skills.
  4. Quran Hifth Program: we take pride in teaching Iman before we teach Quran. This was the way the Prophet PBUH taught his companions. We have a Tadabur reflection and lessons learned) Curriculum that we follow at TES. Students enjoy many activities and projects that connect them with the lessons they learn from the Quran. Students going into grade 5 can apply to the program. Students memorize the whole Quran in 4 years (Grade 5 – Grade 8).
  5. Quran Core Program: Students in JK- Grade 8 will learn Quran reading, Qur’anic morals, meanings, and stories (Qasas and tafsir), knowledge of Allah SWT and His Oneness (Aqidah/tawheed), exemplary Muslim character (Akhlaq), piety and reliance on Allah SWT (Taqwa), and selected memorization of key verses and surahs with explanation and tajweed. Every student will receive a carefully designed Quran planner that serves as a communication tool between school and parents.
  6. A comprehensive Arabic language Program.
  7. Islamic Studies: TES has adopted standards written by TES’s experienced staff that match the needs of our Muslim Canadian students. These standards focus on the following strands:
    • Aqeedah, Fiqh & Akhlaaq
    • Quranic Studies
    • Seerah and Hadith
    • Islamic History

TES provides an Islamic learning environment with a commitment to using effective teaching pedagogy to cultivate and advance a comprehensive academic program, which is fully compliant with the Ontario Curriculum to develop socially responsible, well-rounded Muslim – Canadian children. TES provides a holistic education with Quran at the center; aiming for a lifelong relationship with the Quran. TES also offers a Quran Hifth Program for students in Grades 5 and up. Tayba Elementary School is validated and registered as a private school with the Ministry of Education. The School’s BSID number is: 669852.

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